Revalue Inventory Based on Current Ingredient Pricing

Sometimes you may want to revalue your raw materials inventory based on your most recent pricing. There are a few reasons for this:

  1. Adjustments to your business balance sheet
  2. You made a mistake on your ingredient pricing when counting inventory, and now your inventory count dollar amounts are way off
  3. You feel like it.

We make this super easy to do in your Inventory Danger Area, although it's not really dangerous.

Browse to your inventory on click on Inventory Danger Area in the left navigation menu. You'll see a bunch of actions that you can take to delete inventory counts, but there is also one that looks like this:

Type CONFIRM into the box here and click "Recalculate" and you'll get a new inventory count that does not adjust the amount on hand for any ingredients, but will update the values to reflect current ingredient pricing based on your preferred supplier.

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