Scale Recipes

Sometimes you want to be able to scale your recipes larger or smaller. Using Recipe Cost Calculator to scale your recipes up or down is a snap. From viewing any recipe, you will see a "Scale Recipe" button in the title area to the right of the recipe name.

Easily scale any recipe

Start by clicking on "Scale Recipe".

Recipes can be scaled in a multiple of ways

You'll see that you have a number of options for recipe scaling including:

  • Scale by recipe multiple (e.g. I want to 5x this recipe)
  • Scale by yield multiple (e.g. I need 500 cookies)
  • Scale by an ingredient (e.g. I want to use 5Kg of flour)

Simply choose how you wish to scale your recipe. In this example below I am scaling my recipe up to be able to make 500 cookies:

Example for scaling a recipe by yield

Once you click "Save Scaling" you will see a scaled version of your recipe.

Always see whether your recipes are scaled, and easily reset recipe scaling as needed.

One other great thing about recipe scaling in Recipe Cost Calculator is that scaled recipes are exportable as Print/PDF options. This means you can easily generate a PDF/Print of your scaled recipe, and then reset the scaling back to it's original size without needing to duplicate or create secondary scaled versions of your recipes.

Some Examples

If you want to double a recipe: Simply use 2 as a multiplier.

Scale a recipe to the purchased ingredient size: If you purchase 20lb bags of flour, maybe you want to scale up your cookie recipe to use a whole bag. If that's the case just choose Flour from the ingredient list, and enter "20 lbs" in the "to" field.

Make smaller batches for testing: Maybe you want to make smaller batches of your recipes for testing, you can scale your recipes smaller as well.

Prefer Video Help?

If you prefer video examples - we have a brief help video on scaling recipes that you can watch below!

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